Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Forgot Poland | Bodega Pop 14

Just reupped the 33-track Bodega Pop exclusive album here. You'll never forget Poland again.

Listen to "Tatuuj Mnie"

Listen to "Welcome to Poland Asshole"

Listen to "Artbroken"

Listen to "Nie Ma Nic"

Listen to "Rosol"

A collection of ear-blistering alt Polish pop, rock and new wave found over the last couple of years at Music Planet in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I compressed the album in a ZIP file rather than a RAR because at least one person I know who will love this album has complained in the past that she can't open RARs. (Yes, I know; hush.)


Holly said...

Looking forward to exploring the collection, Gary - thank you!

Anonymous said...

been snouting around your music,Gary.
scooped up a few winners,many thanks,esp. Arthur H. & the Japanese stuff,fantastic.
Figured i best say hi,
i suffer from schizhophrenia & music helps me enormously .so again many thanks :)

MIke Brandon said...

I just moved to Greenpoint. love it.

moved from manhattan. lived in the city over 35 years.