Saturday, January 31, 2015


On Wednesday, Feb 4, taking Agata Pyzik's brilliant book on neoliberalism, post-punk and the culture clashes between Eastern and Western Europe as our launching pad, Bodega Pop Live on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio spun three hours of music from the Eastern end of the equation, including Albania, Bulgaria + the Czech Republic through Slovenia, Russia + Ukraine. 

Oh, and Poland. We didn't forget Poland.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Born on January 31, 1915, enthomusicologist, folklorist, archivist, writer and musician Alan Lomax would have been 100 years old January 30, 2015. 

On January 28, Bodega Pop Live on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio celebrated his life's work archiving music from around the world with three hours of especially blistering and gorgeous tracks from the thousands of hours he recorded, compiled and edited.

Listen to the show now in the archives

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Oum Kalthoum is widely acknowledged to have been the greatest Arabic singer of all time and one of most popular singers in the world, period. 

On Wednesday, January 21, Bodega Pop Live on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio spun three solid hours of classic and rare tracks by her precursors, direct competition, some major collaborators and of course the Voice of Egypt herself.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


On Wednesday, January 14, we celebrated our first year of Bodega Pop Live on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio!

Listen to the show now in the archives

Over the course of 52 three-hour episodes we've featured 1,693 mostly non-English-singing artists from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and have dedicated shows to Palestinian protest music, Brazilian hip-hop, Cambodian rock, and much more (see full list of archived shows to the right).

Special guests have included Thai music expert Peter Doolan, international music-focused DJ Poodlecannon, live band GAL PALS and fellow GTDRadio DJs Jesse Kaminsky and Amanda Nazario.

Many of you have been very supportive -- by listening, commenting, linking, emailing, liking, etc. -- and your support has meant more to me than I think you know. Thank you!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


We're started 2015 off with a bang! Bodega Pop Live's first show of the year on Wednesday featured a head-spinning 3-hour collage of turntablism, sampling, plunderphonics, mash-ups and breakcore from more than 40 artists from the Bay Area to Badang.

Thrill to brand new tracks you never even knew existed (ever heard of pisscore? DJ Sotsura? DODDODO? El Iqaa? 鰻屋?), side by side with classic and rare cuts from critically acclaimed DJs, sound artists and scratchers you've loved for years. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015