Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vietrap: Vietnamese Rap & Hip Hop | Bodega Pop 11

Just reupped the 21-track Bodega Pop exclusive album here.

Listen to "Chi Pheo"

Listen to "Hello Moto"

Listen to "Hai Vi Sao"

Listen to "Ca Va Luoi Bieng"

Listen to "Oi Nguoi Dep"

In the middle of a pleasant if innocuous conversation with the woman behind the counter of the cavernous Vietnamese media store on Argyle Street right off the Red Line in Chicago, I suddenly remembered to ask, "Oh, um, do you have any Vietnamese rap music?"

Her brow furrowed. "Have you heard any Vietnamese rap music?" she asked. I couldn't quite get the hidden meaning here, which I assumed was either: (a) because it doesn't exist, you poor delusionally optimistic white liberal type person; or (b) because I think it's going to induce projectile vomiting in you.

It turned out she meant (b) and just assumed that I would hate what the Vietnamese--Vietnamese-Americans, I believe--are doing with the genre.


* * *


Chi Pheo | Mr.Dee & The Bells
Hello Moto | Tien Dat   
Hai Vi Sao | May Trang  
Ca Va Luoi Bieng | F5                     
Du Lich Cung Toi | Mr.Dee & The Bells                                     
Tinh Khong Phai | F 5                                     
Love Music | Mr.Dee & The Bells                                             
Huynh De Tuong Tan | Tien Dat                  
Cha Vang Nang | Tan Quoc                                         
Con Gai | Tien Dat                          
Giao Thong | Mr.Dee & The Bells                                             
Hoc Tro | Unknown                                       
Oi Nguoi Dep | Mr.Dee & The Bells                                         
Tet Viet Nam | Cao Dang Hieu                                   
Ghe Khung | Phong Le                 
Trong Com | 5 Dong Ke                                
Vui Len Ban Oi | Tien Dat                                             
Mai Mai Ben Em | Phong Bot                                     
Mot Ngay Khong Co Em | Vpop
Mr. Viet Rapper | Phong Le
Trong Com 2 | Mr.Dee & The Bells

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So much fun. Thanks.