Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Albanian Sisters Swim to Freedom | Bodega Pop Vol. 5

Just reupped the 22-song mix here.

Ai yai yai what I went through to get this mix for you. 

Albanians do NOT like other people flippin through the CDs in their bodegas, at least not the guys who run the place on Church Avenue in Brooklyn where I scored the dozen or so CDs this mix was culled from. "Why you want this music? Eh? Why?"

Trust me, though, it's worth whatever you have to go through -- "Hi, I want because ... goshes! ... I ... I ... love music from all over the world! DON'T KILL ME!" -- to get this stuff. Because when it comes to burning pure awesomeness into discs of polycarbonate plastic, the Albanians do not fuck around. In fact, Albanians so love burning their awesomeness into discs of polycarbonate plastic that they will, more often than one's religious beliefs might allow one to imagine, team up -- heramana a hermana -- to duke out the jams with the most heavenly, angular harmonies you've ever heard.


Dolmance said...

Thank you for this. Now I'm totally into Albanian women. Not that I've ever met anyone from Albania, but what the Hell.

Great music. Thank you.

Holly said...

Excellent, Gary, thank you.

Gary said...

Glad y'all are enjoying. I've been in Texas without a computer for the last week or so, but will be flying back to Queens tomorrow morning. New uploads soon!

Rochacrimson said...

Hi Gary!!!
It's a pleasure to see an excellent blog like your!
Hi Gary!It's is possible to re-up as soon as possible these rare albums from Mar Mar Aye:

Thank you very much!
Greetings from Portugal,

Fattoxxon said...

Wonderful mix, thank you! Not your standard 'Balkan bangers' (!) - I love those bagpipes, the crazy singing in flat thirds and all that stuff. Good to see the pop scene is thriving in ALbania, even if it's a bit wacky...!!!!

Willl said...

I see I'm about 4 years late but any chance you could re-up? I happen to be going on an impulsive, somewhat improvisatory trip through southeastern Europe in a week, including a stop in Tirana (as well as longer stays Budapest, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki...). Any tips for an amateur ethnographer or general ideas of shit I shouldn't miss?