Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hang on the Box | 4 Albums

Just reupped here.

Hang on the Box, mainland China’s first all-girl punk unit, was a glorious mess of contradictions and extremes. Their first live performance, for a small but fanatical crowd of fellow Beijing punks, was met with boos, laughter and jeering; six months later they were on the cover of the local edition of Newsweek, serving as poster girls for an entire generation of Chinese youth. Lauded by critics for politicizing gender through their empowered, femme-forward lyrics, they were famously scornful of Cobra, the only other all-girl rock group before them on the mainland. [Read the rest of the article in Burning Ambulance.]

A reader's comment this morning about the article excerpted above prompted me to go ahead and post the full run of albums by this much-loved legendary band. 

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Marmon Hammer said...

Thanks, Gary! Incredibly cool of you to post this stuff on the strength of this reader's comment. I'll be getting them into the rotation on community radio in SF. Keep up the badass work!