Friday, May 17, 2013

Mar Mar Aye | Kauk Sike Ma

Listen to "Taung Thu Pyao"--which catapults itself from jaw-dropping classical Burmese piano and vocal to, four-and-a-half minutes later, upsettingly awesome funk groove--and learn everything you need to know about this supremely mind-blowing Burmese cassette from 1980.

Just reupped in 320 listenable kbps here.

Born in 1942 to a family of artists, Mar Mar Aye began music training at a very young age, recording her first hit record “Thet Tan Paw Hmar Kasar-mae” when she was 13 years old. Over the next four decades she recorded thousands of songs, acted in a couple of films, wrote a couple of novels, and became a member of Burma’s National Music Council. She is probably the most famous Burmese traditional singer.

A politically active artist who has written songs in support of the Saffron Revolution and advising citizens to “Vote No!” in a national referendum on a new planned military-backed constitution, Aye left the country for the U.S. in 1998 and has lived here ever since.

Watch Mar Mar Aye on Burmese TV in 1981:

And here she is in 1987:


gypsykat said...

FYI, Divshare is misbehaving. Earlier today the download rate was so slow that it would have take 6 hours to grab this file. Right now, it's an hour.

I'm sure they'll fix their problem eventually. All in all, I prefer to Divshare to everything but Mediafire.


Gary said...

Yeah, I noticed too that the sound files Divshare was storing weren't playing either (thus the sudden move to Soundcloud for this post).

It appears to be okay now; although I must say, Divshare has been having a lot of problems recently, which concerns me.

I would switch to Mediafire, but I find Divshare has more to offer me and I've never ever lost a file there (as I have on Mediafire).

Also, Divshare is relatively under the radar--Filetram, for instance, doesn't seem to spider for it.

peter said...

thanks so much, this is great! is this a thiri video find? thanks also for the info about her!

Gary said...

Alas, it's not from Thiri. I do have Mar Mar Aye and several others on order from them (see this morning's post), and once I get them, I'll of course upload.

Are you going to upload yours? I suppose it could go beyond the Thai theme of your blog. If not, would you like to do a guest post here with it?

The cover image and song files for this came through a series of links on a Burmese YouTube channel. It wasn't all in one place, although this is all the songs on that tape. So, I put them all together here. If you click on the videos on this page, that's the YouTube channel where I found the links ... but I wasn't able to find links to anything else.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this - astonishingly good.
Looking forward to hearing your upcoming Burmese motherlode :-)


jifhdfsjdfs said...
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itcue said...

reup more burmese and vietnamese stuff incl. this plz!!