Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mar Mar Aye | Aung Na Mate

Reupped by request here.

Myanmar's greatest singer--one of the greatest singers in the world--Mar Mar Aye turned 70 today. Being as how I still have this ridiculously rich stack of Burmese CDs I've yet to share with you, including a dozen or so by Auntie Mar, it would seem unconscionable for me not to post at least one of them tonight, no matter how tired I am from work.

I chose "Aung Na Mate" for a couple of reasons: It's one of her best, at least of those in my possession, and--look!--I happened to find music videos of the title song as sung by two other Burmese superstars, Soe Sandar Tun and Yi Yi Thant:

Soe Sandar Tun

Yi Yi Thant

... so it's like a mini bonus video festschrift. (Did I spell that right? Do you care?)

Happy 70th, Mar Mar, and thank you for sharing your awe-inspiring voice with us.


Holly said...

Lovely, Gary, thank you.

crisyyoa said...

Precious, thank you.

Rochacrimson said...

Many thanks Gary!!!!
Waiting for the other one ;-)