Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unknown Cambodian CD dated 1996

Listen to the mind-blowing second track

Listen to the broken ethereality that is the third song

Attempt to wrap your mind around the snakey male-female duo of track seven

Get the baffling whole here.

I have a lot I'd like to say about this and a couple dozen other fabulous CDs I picked up at Thai-Cam Video in Portland, Oregon last month ... but it's in the 50s in Queens today, and I need me some bike time. Let's reconvene in a couple of days when the weather forces us both back indoors again, yeah?


Dolmance said...

Thank you, I am looking forward to this. I've been waiting to see some rebirth of Khmer music, after the catastrophe. These people have music in their genes and I so want them to get it together again.

Gary said...

Hope you enjoy it, Dolmance.

Holly said...

"Let's reconvene in a couple of days .." - Gary, I'm holding you to this promise! For real. So good. :-)

Gary said...

But of course, Holly!