Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hassan Dikouk & Najat Aatabou | Hassan Dikouk & Najat Aatabou

Listen to "Ya Salam Alik Ya Madame"

Are you wanting a copy?

As you've probably noticed by now, I'm back from vacation, fully energized, and readier than ever to move product. As I indicated in previous posts, I picked up quite the stash of Cambodian, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese CDs while in Stumptown last month; however, because I couldn't fit them in my suitcase I shipped them all in boxes to my office -- meaning I won't actually see them until this coming Monday when I drag my sad, tired, "is the vaycay really ovay?" ass back in to work.

Meanwhile, holy crap, it looks like I still have oodles of awesome CDs I haven't yet placed on the shelves here. 

This one, a relatively recent recording by the great Najat Aatabou in collaboration with Hassan Dikouk, I almost certainly picked up in Marakkesh -- I suspect this because the CD back cover has been inserted backwards into the CD case, meaning you're meant to open it from the point of view of someone who reads from right to left.

But, honestly? That's just a guess and it's quite possible I picked it up at the now defunct Princess Music in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Wherever I got this, it most certainly rawks, though if you're looking for something more "trad," you should click on the link two paras above, where the indefatigable Tim Abdellah has posted three early recordings of the so-called "Siren of Khemisset" (though I found nothing there by Dikouk).

And speaking of Tim ... his last postings at Moroccan Tape Stash were back in October. Come out, come out, wherever you are! We miss you ...


tim abdellah said...

Lookin' forward to giving this a whirl! Dikouk is Najat's husband since the late '90s. BTW, thx for the prod - I'm back on the blog again!

Unknown said...

Your blog is freaking awesome!!! Have to say it. Thanks for all the great music you post here and this one especially!