Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bappi Lahiri | Dance Dance

Listen to the title song 

Listen to "Zindagi Meri Dance" 

Listen to "Dil Mera Todo Na" 

Dance is life; life is dance. Live it. [Alas, Divshare removed access to this file.]

I'm sorry. Can someone please explain how it is that I've been running this more-or-less respectable online free music bodega for the last three years without having once whipped out the ol' Bappi? 

Look: I know how much you hate it when the creepy proprietor hovers around you like this. You just want to anonymously peruse the shelves, your pretty head free of care. This is your "me" time. The last thing in the world you want to see is me coming around the register and pulling down "must listen"s with my half-clenched, talon-like hands. But this time I just can't help myself. Seriously. Take a seat, I implore you. 

I realize the samples above are long. Very, very long. And they don't hit their grooves, most of them, for a full minute, minute-and-a-half, two minutes. But MY GOD do they groove. 

I'm sorry, I'm making you cringe. I can see that. I'll back off a bit. 

Is this far enough away? 


I just ... it's ... FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WILL YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM ALREADY?!? Really, I swear to you, this is easily one of the most devastatingly fabulous pieces of pop trash you have ever heard. I don't care how much Algerian Rai, how much Bollywood, how many Cambodian Rocks, how much Dabke, how many Ethiopian Grooves you've spent your time on earth stuffing into your ears.

This album is a revelation. 


Crafty C said...

i was already there just looking at the cover - but your heavy handed sales pitch sent me into a clicking frenzy!

Crafty C said...

oh yes. this is really good. i second everything you said up there!!!

Gary said...

Heavy is the hand that rocks the Bappi ...

Sorry to have missed you in Portland, Ms. Craftypants; I left the day you arrived.

Next time I'm out there visiting friends and family, I'll let you know in advance!

Holly said...

Most excellent. Thank you, Gary! The Paapi OST is great also.

Gary said...

Paapi by Bappi ... :-)

Lady Z said...

This is amazing. Thank you, thank you! (And a third thank you for running my favorite online bodega.)

Sean said...

Listening to the streams this sample sounds amazing! The link appears to be private though, and I was wondering if there was still a way to download it.Thanks, too, for all these great bands!

Gary said...

Hi Sean, the link is embedded in the "Live it" portion of "Dance is life; life is dance. Live it."

367 loser said...

Private files ? what ?

Gary said...

Oh, wait; I see what happened. Divshare blocked public access to the file. Sorry about that. Nuthin I can do!

kosmikino said...

I spent years under the delusion this album was called 'Aerobics For Dance' as I found a couple of tracks on a Russian MP3 share site which were re-works of earlier Bappi produced disco tracks and they just blew my mind as they were not only longer but had more of a crazy edge - anyway, as you can imagine I had no luck finding the album as it was in fact called 'Dance Dance' -

I would love to finally hear the entire album but appreciate your link no longer works, but if anyone has a rip they can share I would be most grateful - I can't find the album on the 7digital Bappi section and the £70 asking price on Discogs is a little too steep for an album I have only heard a couple of tracks from .

Many thanks if anyone can help track a rip of Dance Dance down.