Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hoang Oanh | Souvenir 06

Listen to "Tua Canh Beo Troi"

Get it all here.

I was surprised this morning while flipping through the stacks to find that I hadn't yet shared this absolute gem, a collection of pre-1975 tunes by one of the most popular Vietnamese singers of all time.

The album is rich and various, with more traditional Vietnamese songs and instruments sprinkled in among more pop-y and blues-y pieces--including the mournful yet slightly funky guitar you hear in the sample above.

If you like this album--and I can't imagine that you won't--be sure to get this one as well, if you haven't already.

Oh, and before I forget: There's still time to weigh in on the poll at top right, but today I believe is the final day. 


Holly said...

Holy crap! If the rest of the cd's anything like the sample track, Gary, this is going right near the top of my all time faves!

Gary said...

I thought you might like this, Holly. I have one more in this series (Souvenir 08), which I'll upload later tonight or tomorrow.

Eric Peter said...

re-up please? seems amazing....!