Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hoàng Oanh | Souvenir Ky Niem 04, Ngay Em 20 Tuoi

Hoang Oanh

Listen to the first track on this hair-raisingly beautiful CD

Get the whole kit & kaboodle here.

Frankly, I'm scared to upload anymore music until September 1st, when my Divshare account limit zeroes out again. When I started this blog last year I had about 5 or 6 visitors a day; now I'm getting well over 100. By pop music standards, 100 people a day ain't much, but it's enough to push me up to the next level of Divshare accountage or whatever the word is that means "Gary, we're going to need a lot more money from you if you want to keep doing this."

But, what the hay. This is something I found on Argyle Street in Chicago a few years ago, and is one of my five favorite Vietnamese CDs. Hoàng Oanh is probably the most famous female singer from Vietnam prior to 1975 when, obviously, everything changed. I've got another fabulous CD from her on this site; just click on "Vietnam" in the label cloud to the right. I think Oanh now lives in Cerrito, Calif., and still performs.

Here's a somewhat recent performance on video:


peter said...

awesome gary!
i have since found vols. 1 - 11 of the series online, available here

Timmy said...

I love this. Many thanx......... *