Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tsin Ting | Song of Tomorrow


Listen to Hong Kong go-go classic, "Firebird"

Get it all here.

Want the track listing?

I found this terrific CD, and two dozen others from the same (deservedly) legendary series, at one of my favorite Chinatown DVD/CD stores on Bowery. The shop, sadly, has since closed, though not before I happily absconded with their entire stock of these.

And, more upsetting, I don't know what's become of this series, either. Most that were previously available through yesasia are out of print, and have been for years. There is no website anywhere that I could find from the publisher. From what I can tell, this project has been abandoned.

Get more from this series at What's in my iPod? and Ambuscade from Ten Sides.

Read a bit about Tsin Ting's life and career here.

See the clip from Hong Kong Nocturne, where this song made its debut:


LesTP said...

Thank you!

gilhodges said...

I love the Pathe Series! So great to see an unfamiliar here. I've done a little sleuthing and come up with this track listing:

1. Zuo Deng You Deng Ni Bu Lai (Right-left, etc., etc. (You do not come)
2. Meng Long De Deng Guang (Dim light)
3. Liu Lian (Nostalgia)
4. Da Qing Zao (Early in the Morning)
5. Mai Hua Ge (Flower Song)
6. Da Shuai Kuan Jia Bin
7. Jing Jing De Hei Yi (Quiet Night)
8. Yao Yao Yao (Shake Shake)
9. Huo Niao (Firebird)
10. Tai Yang Yue Liang Xing Xing (Sun Moon Stars)
11. Chi Qing Lei (Infatuation Tears)
12. Fang Yang Ge (Sheep Song)
13. Ming Ri Zhi Ge (Song of Tomorrow)
14. Ning Wang (Staring)
15. Hai Song (Sea Song)
16. Ye Se Nong (Thick Darkness)
17. Mei Gui Hua (Rose)
18. He Tang Yue Se (Lotus Pond)
19. Sui Feng Gui Qu (The Wind Go Back)
20. Se Bu Mi Ren Zi Mi
21. Zai Xiang Feng (Meet Again)
22. Wu Qing Hai (Merciless Sea)
23. Meng (Dream)