Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Lao Guys | Pink Album

Listen to a sample track

Get it all here.

Yet another smile-inducing Lao CD found in the Dallas suburbs last weekend.

I heard from about half a dozen readers in response to my question: Should I change the blog format? It was unanimous: Everyone said "No!" 

Thanks so much for chiming in, all who did--it's nice to know you care enough one way or the other. I'll keep the format as is and, should I ever happen upon something that strikes my fancy, of course I'll run it by y'all first!


Holly said...

"I'll keep the format as is"

Oh thanks be to every single person, deity & thing I was praying to.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm late too but thank you for your work. I also enjoy the style as is, crusty old timer that I am. You fill the void in my life caused by the absence of Holy Warbles as best as anyone out there.
keep on truckin',