Thursday, May 17, 2012

THAIPOP! | A Bodegapop Original

Listen to an unknown song by Jintara

This actually sounds more Cambodian than Thai to me

Listen to an unknown song by Yui 

Get it all here. 

Most of this egregiously soulful collection came from Thai Thai (76-13 Woodside Avenue), a little bodega run by Noi Sila in Elmhurst, Queens. By request, Sila will burn copies of CDs from her personal collection for you for a mere $2 a piece. (I was unsuccessful convincing her to start a music blog.) Four of the songs came from a Thai-Cambodian store on SE Foster Road in Portland, Oregon, and may, in fact, be Cambodian.

If that weren't problematic enough, "pop" is undoubtedly the wrong word for this stuff, which I'm guessing is considered by Thais to be "country." But, sigh, I already made the groovy mix cover (image from, as you probably guessed, the cover of a Thai 5-baht comic book), and I don't care if some of it is Thai, some Cambodian and none of it is pop. Whatever it is, it's 100% rawk solid gold.


Hammer said...

*crunch* Solid gold, indeed.

Nice comp. Perrrrfact!


walkingtrees said...

first time commenting here, but thanks so much for all you do and i can't wait to hear this one!

Kurt said...

Jintara I assume is Jintara Poonlarb. Her style is a type of modern Molam. Think when country went Nudie. The style does get glossed as "Country". I've asked Thai natives about her and they were very dismissive and said "it's not even Thai music." Kinda like how mainstream American culture dismisses roots appalachian music, e.g.