Thursday, May 31, 2012

Selda Bağcan | Deniz'lerin Dalgasıyım

Listen to "Düşen Hep Yerde Mi Kalır"

Get it all here.

Another terrific album by the unimpeachably great Selda Bağcan, and much more varied and colorful than that sample above would have you believe. (I love the sample above, but I love it for its straightforward rawkin energy and Selda's so-soulful-you're-not-sure-if-I'm-actually-crying-while-I'm-singing voice, and there is soooo much more going on in this album--it's the most diverse Selda that I have, though I admittedly only have 3 of her CDs.) 

Found, as with 75% of of my Super-Posse of Turkish Music Burned into Discs of Polycarbonate Plastic, at Uludag Video in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: I didn't realize it when I posted this this morning, but Turkish Psychedelic Music! was recently shut down by Blogger. Unbelievable.


Hammer said...

Yes, Gary: it happened yesters. No-one has seen this coming. It's just unbelievable.

That site was very informing, well-kept, and now it's poof! Just goneski.



Gary said...

It's a lesson to all of us to back up all of our content. The zipped & rarred files, the narratives, the images, everything.

Anonymous said...

Gary, do you have any plans in case it happens to you? You're probably my favorite music blogger, and I'd hate to not be able to find you again if you move.

Gary said...

Yes; for one thing, I grabbed:

though I haven't done anything with it yet (so you'll get an error message if you go there now). My plan is to, eventually (this summer), get off Blogger and on to another site.

I also have been routinely backing up the rars and scans for months now, though I don't have everything backed up yet. I need to spend a couple of weekends soon taking care of that.

Dan Kelley said...

Hey OMG I'm so sorry to hear about Turkish site. I actually came here to let you know (if you don't already) that Selda and many other great musicians will be playing at out of doors at Lincoln center this summer. Go here for dates and performers:

Gary said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Dan. I love that series at LC. Will definitely be going!