Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cheb Khaled | Ana Dellali

Another great early Cheb Khaled collection, most likely found in Bay Ridge, although I seem to recall having picked up at least one Khaled CD from this no-longer-there Algerian bodega on Steinway Street (where I got this). If you've stopped by the Bodega this week you already know it's All 70s-80s Cheb Khaled Week--I think I have two more CDs to go after this one, so stop by again if you you like what you're hearing.

There's some problem with my Divshare account; I can't upload. Which also means I can't make one of those song sample thingies. So, I found a video of the title song if you want to listen before you grab.

Listen to the title song of this CD

Get it all here.

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DubMe said...

mamamia! this are some sweet albums you have been sharing here for the last few days! great great great! all the khaled sounds I always wanted to listen to... unfortunately I haven't had enough time to give all these great albums a proper listen - but will do that as soon I am done with all the things that are keeping me occupied for the moment. so for now I can only say THANK YOU!!!