Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oğuz Yılmaz | Uğur Böceğim

Listen to "Küme Düşersin"

Listen to "Kıskananlar Çatlasın"

Get it all here.

My first exposure to Oğuz Yılmaz was through a cassette tape that I found god knows where probably 15 years ago. Born in 1968 in Ankara, Yılmaz sings a kind of amped up Turkish folk or arabesque, similar in some ways to the great Ibrahim Tatlises.

This CD, which I found at Uludag Video (1922 Ave W, Brooklyn) several years ago remains one of my all-time favorites, for the complex coloration of the music and the ear-popping expressiveness of Yılmaz's voice. (Give a listen to the second sample above and wait a while until the vocals kick in.)

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gypsykat said...

That's three hits in a row, Gary! The bases are loaded.