Thursday, October 8, 2020

Najeeba Abdullah | Sabah Al-Khyr FLAC


Terrific, stripped-down cassette (two voices, string instrument, percussion) found in Nassem Halal Meat and Mediterranean Grocery on Steinway Street. 

I'm guessing this is Moroccan, but Tim will have to confirm or deny. UPDATE: Tim says it's Yemeni, and points to an Arabic Wikipedia entry for Najeeba Abdullah, who is apparently also a film star.

Translating that page, it looks like Abdullah's acting career took off in 1989 and that she withdrew from the art in the mid-90s to raise her kids; however, in 1994, she began releasing her first cassettes. 

Here's a scan of the track list:

I've got about 200 cassettes to rip and, as much as I want to share them all with you now, I'll have to pace myself. Ripping these things takes time.

Get it here.


shooby said...

Thanks for these! I even dug the Spice Ray.

shooby said...

Thanks for these, I even liked the Spice Ray cassette!

Dolmance said...

Great album. Thank you.

Erwin said...

Hello, I am from Belgium. I discovered this blog quite by accident. What a nice selection of world music. I will definitely follow it up here in the future. Thanks for sharing and also for the time you want to spend ripping. Again thanks a lot.