Saturday, February 21, 2015

Orchestra Noujoum Chaabia

Reupped by special request here.

[Originally posted on Jan 18, 2014.] I have no context for this album, other than being 99.999% sure it's Moroccan, given the fact that the address on the back cover is Casablanca. There was no metadata included on the CD, but I've scanned in the back cover, which has the track list, if you can read Arabic.

Pretty sure I plucked this from the shelves of the late, great Princess Music on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. (Oh, how I miss her.)

If you missed the debut of Bodega Pop Live on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio last Wednesday, you can now listen to it in the archives, here. I'd love to see you there next Wednesday for the second show, if you can make it ... details to follow soon here.

Meanwhile, yes, I do indeed have more Moroccan music I can share with you ...


Crafty C said...

Cool! I'm glad you are gonna have archives in case I miss a show. I heard most of your first one and when you played and were talking about the song that is possibly your fave of all songs I totally spaced writing it down. Man that was cool! What was that? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Gary said...

Carol! You missed my shout-out to you, which was at the very end of the show, I think.

I do indeed know the song you're referring to: Upper Hutt Posse's "Tangata Whenua" ... and I'll be playing more of them in the weeks to come.

Carol! Thank you for quite literally making this show possible.

Crafty C said...

oh man! i did! my itunes was acting up and i had to shut it down! i'll listen to the end of it in the archives.

and you are more than welcome! i'm soooo glad i could help!!


tim abdellah said...

Thanks for the chaâbi fun, Gary! Here's a tracklist:

1 - Ma t-hemmnich
- Ghab âliya ghab
2 - Nadya ya Nadya
- Wa'dni wa'dtou
- Âyyit bessber
- Ghir beshwiya
3 - Shafuni nebghih
- Saîda helli l-bab
4 - Kulthum
- Bent bladi
5 - Galet lik
6 - Saîda halef tendik
- Ya bent ennass
- Ezzaêri
7 - Moula Hamriya
- Moulay Bou Selham

Rob said...

Would these be titles of tracks, or someones name & title...

Thanks, great post