Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oulad El-Bouazzaoui | Milouda

Reupped by reader request, here.

[Originally posted on April 20, 2012.] Another of the many CDs I picked up while in Marrakech a few years ago. I think of this band as the Fezmatics, sort of like the Klezmatics--though, yes, I'm aware that that's the name of the production company or CD series and not the band. (And thanks to Hammer and Tim Abdellah for providing band and album name after this was originally posted -- for track list, see comments.)

I love the matching djellabas; it gives them a kind of early Beatles / Garage look that is oddly fitting with their music. (They are, after all, rawqin' Moroccans.)


Hammer said...

Lol. These are the Ouled El-Bouazzaoui, an Aita band of brothers from Morocco.

I shall leave the track-listing to Tim Abdellah himslef, maybe he can skim ya the skinny on them, too.

Good CD fa reals.


Gary said...

Thanks, Hammer!

tim abdellah said...

Hey Gary -

Thanks for this one! I actually have a cassette of this, but great to hear a digital copy. The track titles on the cassette j-card are not all correct. Here's what I come up with from listening:

1 - mabidi mandir / al-ma'boud allah w-nnbi sidi
2 - milouda
3 - a wlidi a wlidi
4 - dada hbibti (pt. 1)
5 - dada hbibti (pt. 2)
6 - khoutna ya l-islam (pt. 1)
7 - khoutna ya l-islam (pt. 2)
8 - khoutna ya l-islam (pt. 3)

All of these songs were originally performed by Bouchaib el Bidaoui.

Great posts lately! Thanks as ever.

tim abdellah said...

PS - the name of the album is "Milouda"

Hammer said...

Oh, there might be a little bit of correction here as long as you've finally decided to put a title to that CD, Gary.

The band's name should be Oulad and not Ouled. The latter is singular. Ouled is very much used like say, Mac-So&So in Scotland and Ireland and Ibn, or Bin in some regions of the Middle-East as well. It means 'Son of'. Oulad, on the other hand means 'The Sons of' and it's plural-specific.

Thanks Tim for the track-listing and, yeah for that Mahmoud Guinia double-header cassette drop that knocked me stonko! Yer great mang! And, so are you Gary.

Stay great.


Jux said...

Link down