Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mahmoud Kania | Essaouira

Listen to track 1

Reupped the 16-track album here

[Originally posted on December 2, 2013.] I've got a number of gnawa and chaabi CDs that I've yet to post -- I suppose I've been reluctant in the past for two reasons: (a) I can't translate/or even transliterate the tracklists for you and (b) I don't know much about either genre, other than what each, generally, sounds like. Most were plucked from the Moroccan aisle of the late, great Princess Music in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; a few were brought back home with me from a trip to Marrakech. 

In the case of this morning's offering, I'm almost certain I picked it up in Marrakech, though I'm not 100% sure. While it looks like the CD version of this cassette posted by the mighty Tim at the xtremely fabulous Moroccan Tape Stash, the CD version here has 6 more songs, so could either be the cassette + 6 or simply a bunch of different songs with a similar cover image. If we're nice, perhaps Tim will hip us to what we've got here. 

[UPDATE: Special thanks to Tim, who provides a track list in the comments below.]


tim abdellah said...

Oh yeeeeeeeees! This is indeed the same psychedelic album (tracks #7-16), with 6 additional, traditional tracks (#1-6). I'll send a transliteration of the song titles later. Thanks so much for posting this one!

Gary said...

Thank you, Tim, for the info, to say nothing of the insane amount of great music you've posted!

tim abdellah said...

Back atcha, Gary! Here's the tracklist transliterated:

01) Bunga Bulila
02) Subaî
03) Kamil Lana
04) Fulani Baba Sidi
05) Sudani
06) Bangara
07) L-Jilali Buâlam
08) Wahyana ya Silama
09) Ya Jwadi
10) Allah Yuhibb L-Kurama
11) Allah ya Dunya
12) Al-Hubb Wahid
13) Sutarbi Hutarni
14) L-Haqiqa Tenjahu Dawman
15) Ifriqiya Muwwahida
16) Allah Al-Jenna

The sequence of the psychedelic tracks is a tad different from that on my cassette, but the overall arc is pretty similar. I'm still really curious about who worked on this album with him!

The traditional tracks 1-6 are very nice too!

Gary said...

Tim, thank you so much -- the world thanks you so much!

Holly said...

This is great Gary, thank you!
And thank you Tim as well!