Friday, September 6, 2013

สุนทราภรณ์ แฟนคลับ รวมฮิตศิลปินหญิง | Ruam Hit Sin La Pin Ying

Listen to "Wang Nam Won"

Listen to "Cham Dai Mai"

Freshly reupped in 320KBPS because it's so ding-danged thrilling, here.

[Originally posted in late 2010.] Found in Manhattan's Chinatown, in a Thai book, music and knick-knack store just south of Canal. Mulberry, I think. I have no idea who these women are, or how old this music is, but it sounds like it could be 1940s-50s. Perhaps 1960s, given how good the sound quality is. It's sort of pop-y, sort of lounge-y, sort of jazz-y, with vocals that make my arm hairs stand on end. I've gotten teary-eyed and blubbery more than once listening to it.
What say you?


Gary said...

Was saddened to discover a week or so ago that the store where I found this has closed.

Zak said...

YES - I love how drunk the orchestra sounds on "Chang Dai Mai"...and the breathy vocals are stunning.

Timmy said...

Great stuff, as always here. THANX!