Saturday, July 13, 2013

P. Ramlee & Saloma | Lagu Lagu Filum Box-Office

I've just reupped this 2-CD set here.

Found in the "World Music" section at Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo, in Spring of 2010. An import from Malaysia.

Actor, singer, comedian, songwriter, screenwriter and film director P. Ramlee died early, at the age of 44, but had by then written, sung and/or played on nearly 400 songs. I know almost next to nothing about him, other than he is considered one of the icons of Malaysian cinema. I also know that his music totally, totally rocks.

Watch "Bunyi Guitar"


Anonymous said...

Eu quero agradecer pelos excelentes discos que você posta aqui. Da Arábia à Russia,e por falar nos Russos,gostei muito do LIOK,são fantásticos!



Edo D said...

Hi, Could you reupload the download link please? Thank you