Sunday, May 24, 2015

Phimpha Phonsiri | It's Red!

Listen to the third track

Give track 11 some attention

Reupped  on May 24, 2015, by reader request here.

Have I really never shared this fabulous example of, uh, well ... what is it, exactly? I was going to use Peter Doolan's term, "work station luk thung," but it's not that, exactly. (And, thanks Peter, for the singer and title.) I'm no longer sure where I picked it up, but the most likely place is Thai-Cam Video (5230 Southeast Foster Road, Portland, Ore.), where I got most of my Cambodian and Lao music, and a bit of my Thai stuff as well.

Exhausted and wanting to catch a few quick Zs before heading over to friends' house to watch Project Runway--I baked a nice loaf of rosemary sourdough for them--or I'd stick around and talk longer. Maybe tomorrow; I've got the day off.


Timmy said...

Very nice groove. Cool vocal. Good audio quality.
Thank you.............!

Timmy said...

Track #6 is officially genre'ed as: Thai-Country-Western-Eastern.
I have spoken.

peter said...

here's the info, gary!

artist: พิมพา พรศิริ (phimpha phonsiri)
album: หนูแดงค่ะ (nu daeng kha)
01. แม่ของแผ่นดิน (mae khong phaendin)
02. สงสารฉันบ้าง (songsan chan bang)
03. บ่งึด บ่ง้อ (bo nguet bo ngo)
04. พี่ช้ำน้องเศร้า (phi cham nong sao)
05. คิดฮอดผู้บ่าวอุดร (khit hot phu bao udon)
06. พ้อใหม่มักหน้า (po mai mak na)
07. บอกฮักด้วยเพลง (bok hak duai phleng)
08. หนูแดงชวนชิม (nu daeng chuan chim)
09. รอวันอ้ายโสด (ro wan ai sot)
10. ถามทำไม (tham thammai)
11. สาวสองแคว (sao song khwae)
12. ปลูกต้นไม้คนละต้น (pluk ton mai khon la ton)

Fattoxxon said...

well what can I say about this? Bizarre, fascinating, beautiful. And that's just the cover :-)

I played it to my daughter: "French? Er, C&W? Er, ...." she guessed. I think that about sums it up. A winner!

Thank you

Dennis said...

Thanks for re-up Gary - spot on!

Gary said...

You're welcome

DennizThai said...

Phimpha Phonsiri - I am RED! (2014)

01. แม่ของแผ่นดิน (Mom of the earth)
02. สงสารฉันบ้าง (feel pity for her)
03. บ่งึด บ่ง้อ (no met no dumb)
04. พี่ช้ำน้องเศร้า (i'm hurt , she's sad)
05. คิดฮอดผู้บ่าวอุดร (miss my boyfriend from udon)
06. พ้อใหม่มักหน้า (new father likes my face)
07. บอกฮักด้วยเพลง (say love u with a song)
08. หนูแดงชวนชิม (redrat let u taste)
09. รอวันอ้ายโสด (waiting for the day u single )
10. ถามทำไม (why u follow?)
11. สาวสองแคว (Girl with 2 mouth)
12. ปลูกต้นไม้คนละต้น (plant 2 various trees )

Noo daeng is her nickname :D her real name is


its Thai Album. some north thai

Jerom said...

Hi! Can you re-upload it once again, please? Laotian/Isan music is rare (May I suggest MEGA as a hosting site? It doesn't have a time limit for storing files), and this cover art is lovely.