Thursday, September 10, 2015

54-71 | Six Albums

Six of their terrific albums reupped by special request on Sept 10, 2015, here.

Precise drum and bass guitar like wriggling in the darkness, like a machine 
It seems to go sunk feeling to the bottom to the bottom on and on. 

Snare is fiercely tight. Liked. 

Even so, relentless with drum and accurate+solid dry guitar, dry as a skeleton that did well.

Also air.

Air between every single thickness to the music comes through
To snap up, sound comes suddenly pops out.

Downer acceleration. 

Such as down one step down step spiral staircase 
Poisoning inevitable.

It is a love song? Code of feeling part of the loop other than those pinched
It is great tension anyway.

Songs trimmed to sound that need rather sound you do not need
With guitar chaos skinny enough to not know what you are connected to

Open hi-hat drum is good.

I have hardened as the songs firmly in a medium tempo. 

I like the place to rise a little late.


the carp said...

i read the first line and immediately said this sounds like it's going to be the greatest thing ever. can't wait to listen to this. it sounds like it will be pure gold to the ears.

the carp said...

i can't wait to listen to this and in all probability play on the radio show i do. cheers.


Gary said...

Hope you enjoy, Chris. Can't imagine that you won't -- these guys are pretty much It.