Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sezen Aksu | Serçe

Listen to "Ölürsem Yazıktır" 

Get the 2-CD album here

Perhaps because Portland is constantly overcast and drizzly, Stumptowners compensate with high-end coffee and music to cut through the gloom--you can't hold out your arms and flap them frantically like a baby chick crazily anticipating  regurgitated worms without hitting someone in the face who has just walked out of a record store on their way to a coffee shop.

Seriously, I have never seen so many record stores in my life. Two days ago, at one of the biggest (Everyday Music, 1931 NE Sandy Boulevard) I found a used copy of Sezen Aksu's second album, Serçe (Sparrow), which I've been searching for for years. 

I'd write more about it, but my friend and Portland host Rodney is throwing me a cocktail party that is set to begin in--eek!--15 minutes. Meanwhile, you can read a bit about Aksu, and get her first record, here


Barron said...

The link for the first album doesn't seem to working.

Gary said...

Hmm, you're right. I can post it again from here if you like, but it's only 192kbps. If you are willing to wait for another two weeks I can repost it at 320. Let me know what you prefer!

Gary said...

Just so others don't get confused: The link on this page IS working; it's the link to Aksu's first album, Allahaismarladik, that isn't.

Barron said...

I'm happy with 192, Gary.

Gary said...

Okee-dokee, I reupped it; it should be working now.

Barron said...

Thank you, Gary. You are a gentleman and a scholar!