Sunday, December 15, 2013

Motrat Mustafa | Dasma shqiptare

Reupped by popular demand, here.

[Originally posted July 2, 2011.] Found on Arthur Avenue in an Albanian bodega run by what must be the single nicest bodega owner I've ever met. After letting me know in uncertain terms that "This is all Albanian music," my response, "I know; I like Albanian music, especially Fatmire Brecani," changed the game rules.

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After an hour talking and listening to numerous samples, I walked out of the store with five CDs--the owner charged me only for four. This one, by the Mustafa Sisters, is my favorite of the bunch, in great part for the harmonies.

Listeners will note the abrupt endings of songs; this is because, on other Motrat Mustafa CDs I have, the songs are all run together. Every single CD in this store was pirated, and I'm guessing someone used the "2 second delay between songs" feature in iTunes when they burned their merch.

Check out this rather old VHSed music video:


tim abdellah said...

This is fantastic!! Great singing, and a killer band - I love the trap drummer killing it with double-bass fills in 7/8 on track 4! Thanks for sharing.

Gary said...

You're welcome! I assume you're the Moroccan Tape Stash guy? Just linked to your own fabulous blog. Thank you! --Gary

tim abdellah said...

Hey G - just saw your reply here. Yeah, that's me! Thanks for linking to my blog. Enjoying your blog so much! Liked the recent Fez City Clan post! Best wishes - Tim

motrat mustafa said...

te forta jone keto