Monday, November 25, 2013

Walruses | Kosher Songs on Important Themes


Listen to "Чирибим"

Reupped by reader request here.

"Chiribim, Cherry Bomb, Chiribim Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb ..."

Does this CD even really need an intro? Obviously, I picked it up for its cover. I think I was actually in Brighton Beach with Kasey Mohammad and his girlfriend that day; Kasey was in town for the Flarf/Conceptual reading we did at the Whitney. I say this because I remember bringing the CD that evening to a Spanish restaurant/bar in Chelsea, where we met Christian Bök and Kenny Goldsmith for a few drinks. I figured that, being (a) Jewish and (b) a WFMU DJ, Kenny would be especially appreciative of the CD. He was.


Holly said...

Well, now I am downloading for the cover - I hope it's in the zip file!

And I may be singing 'cherry bomb' to my self all afternoon, hopefully I'll be able to stop before my dinner date with people I don't realy know...

Doug S. said...

The Beastie Oys.

Gary said...


Unknown said...

in this song Чирибим tells story about husband and wife. They lives together 20 years very badly, but then she's dying which is good. Male is happy.
One of the man in this duet band is Роман Трахтенберг. He was famous russian show man and radio dj. Died in 2009 on the radio broadcasting. Sorry for my english. Just thinking it could be interesting