Saturday, June 22, 2013

Unemployed Drifter | I Wanna Be Your Beatles!!!

I have reupped this upsettingly great CD here.

[Originally written and posted on June 6, 2010.] Back in Brooklyn after two weeks in Japan. Found the thrilling CD above not in a bodega but in the last remaining Tower Records on Earth, in Shibuya, Tokyo. An amazing 7-story CD store with a dozen or more listening stations on each floor.

I spent about five hours over three days listening to music from around the world, mostly J-Pop. When I pressed the button to hear the above album by post-punk girl-band Unemployed Drifter, I fell instantly in love.

Too exhausted to say anything more, but the sample song should speak for itself. Will be back when I'm rested to upload a number of other things I found in Tokyo, Kyoto and the mountains of Gunma.


Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

The actual title translates as: "Baby, I (masculine casual) am your (feminine intimiate/diminufying)Beatles!

WV: fuggful

Unknown said...

Makes my day!!

JourneybyTrain said...

Can't think you enough for this probably has two of my top ten songs ever.