Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cheb Khaled | Best of Vols. 1-2

Listen to "Chaba" from Vol. 1

Listen to "Dalali" from Vol. 2

Get both at once here.

Contrary to how it looks, this is not a collection of Khaled's late-80s to present greatest hits. It's pure early to mid-80s Cheb Khaled, including raw versions of many songs that were re-recorded and spruced up for later albums--for instance, "Chaba," which you can listen to above. If you only know the Don Was-produced (and later) Khaled, you'll definitely want to check this out (as well as this and this.)

I'll be posting everything I have of Cheb Khaled from the 70s and 80s over the next few days, so check back tomorrow evening if you're a fan.


tim abdellah said...

Gold! I'm so loving this! شكرا!!

Gary said...

فنحن نرحب بك

Hammer said...

Gary's so welcoming Tim right there with the Arabic Squiglish of 'So, we are welcoming you." This is so sweet.

In Raï-speak, Gary would be 'Ga-Raï': he's posted three, consec posts by Cheb Khaled! Un-be-leave-able! Best of Volumes One & Two, Hada Raykoum, and earlier on Yal Malblia.

Gary: you're on a Raï roll, mang!

Shukran again.


Holly said...

Gary, these are super super SUPER! :-)

Jessi Hance said...

My ears say: YUMMY!