Saturday, May 5, 2012

Panorama of Rebetiko Songs | 3 CD Box from Greece

Listen to "Smirneiko Minore"

Get all three CDs in 256 luscious kbps here.

An incredible collection spanning from 1927-1940, found in the same Greek store where I got this

I had planned to post a couple more Cheb Khaled CDs this week, but then I discovered that both were already among the 52 of his albums posted here. (Also, in response to last week's Chebfest, Hammer posted a huge collection of early Khaled on his blog, дևծιστøρία.)

So, I thought and thought and thought about what would be a nice consolation prize. And, so ... here we are.

I had to upgrade my Divshare account as it expired and they no longer offer the plan I was under. Good news for you: I now have five times the storage space. Which means, from here on out, nothing less than 256kbps ... and maybe we'll even get super-fancy and bump it all the way up to 320. 

Poke around here while you're downloading ...


Hammer said...

Nice ephemerating new post. A true blast from the past.

Just a note: The link to the 52 Cheb Khaled albums happens to be the same as that of your Rebetiko CDs. I was introduced to this early revolutionist Greek music by way of an Iraqi-German friend who wanted to learn Greek, settle in Crete, and make home-made wine in the most atavistic life-changing move that I'd ever seen. He's weird. Never mind.

Cheb Khaled's music will always be enjoyed by millions all over the world, Gary. My latest post is a dedication to what you've been posting the last few days of his music.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a setlist posting for this set? It would be a great help.

Anonymous said...


gypsykat said...

Hi Gary,

Does this collection have a track list? If so, would you be good enough to post it or send it to me?

I found a track list for the cd tagged as "Tragoydia Tis Polis" which appears to be disk 3 of the set. I also found a track list for disk 2 for 18 tracks; the titles have been translated, but it appears to match.

No luck at all for disk one, "Refugees and rempetiko".

Any help would be appreciated.