Saturday, May 19, 2012

Warda | I Will Give You All My Life, My Love

Get it here.

If you haven't heard, the great Arabic singer Warda died Thursday evening at her home in Cairo. She was 72 (some reports say 71) years old. Pick up another album and read a bit more about her life in yesterday's post, below (where, if nothing else, you'll appreciate the irony of this album's title).

Watch a truly mind-blowing performance by Warda:


Holly said...

Dang! After watching the video I have new-found respect for tambourine!

Hammer said...

Hello, again Gary.
Just a note: the link to her bio/life is not 'hot', or active.

Warda's death was a really sad loss to all that's Arabic Pop music. She was a grand singer and people all over the Arab world loved her voice, talent, and beauty.

Thanks again.


gypsykat said...

Nice tribute, Gary. Warda was an extraordinary singer.