Saturday, May 12, 2012

Giao Linh | Vùng Lá Me Bay

Listen to Nhớ Một Người

Listen to "Chuyến Tàu Hoàng Hôn"

Get it all here.

A genuinely mind-blowing collection of songs by the ridiculously soulful Giao Linh. Born in in 1949 she became a superstar overnight when she appeared for the first time on Vietnamese television in 1969 at the age of 19. She left Vietnam in 1982 and resettled in San Jose, Calif., where she lives to this day.

Album no. 11 in the Nhac Vang Truoc 1975 series,this dusky jewel was plucked many years ago from the bins of a Vietnamese CD & DVD store on Argyle Street in Chicago.


Holly said...

Beautiful, Gary. Thank you.

LukeWarmcop said...

Playing this all the time now! Damn beautiful, thank you.

There's a great track by her featured on the SF comp 'Saigon Rock & Soul' - but I'm sure you know this already - else:

Thanx also for great blog.