Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shankar Jaikishan | Suraj & Gumnaam

With the exception of NRIs, most Americans' first experience of Bollywood was probably seeing a good portion of the scene below--"Jaan Pehechaan Ho," from Gumnaam--in Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World:

As crazy as that scene is, it's nothing compared to this scene later in the film:

I've long suspected that scene to have been a conscious parody of the famous dream sequence in Raj Kapoor's Awaara:

... which, if so, would be especially ironic, given that Bollywood's most famous duo, Shankar Jaikishan, composed the music for both.

Get it all here.


Unknown said...

Files are removed. :( Care to repost them, captain? Would be AWESOME.

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Anonymous said...

I would deeply appreciate a repost of these files, too, thanks!