Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ketchup | In Love Again

Indie folk artist Ketchup is one of a handful of acts that make up the Hong Kong twee pop scene. He's released seven albums, of which this is the fifth. It's an absolutely gorgeous record, with minimal production, focusing on Ken Tsoi's voice and acoustic guitar.

I found this gem at P Tunes & Video, the little store on Chrystie Street in Manhattan's Chinatown shown in the header image of this blog. Alas, it's the only thing I've yet been able to find by him other than his contribution to this compilation.

Listen to "Spring Time"

Get it all here.


Holly said...

You know I love that Rebecca Pan tribute - I know I'm going to love this as well! :-)

Gary said...

Holly, seriously: when I was combing my CD shelf tonight thinking about what to post, I pulled out several things and pushed them back in place, until I found this one, at which point I thought "Oh, I bet Holly would love this."

Holly said...

Hugs!!!!! Warm fuzzies!

David said...

Search Ketchup at this forum to find 2 more albums!

Gary said...

Thank you, David! I had to register t the site to be able to get anything, but it was worth it. I didn't think I'd be able to find anything more by him!

Holly said...

Thank you very much, David!

Gary, I did not have to register, & dls were a success :-)