Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vanishing Point

A piece I wrote about the Megaupload shut-down, the death of Holy Warbles and the state of music blogs in a post-MU world, has just been published in the Brooklyn Rail, here.

Will not likely be posting anything this weekend or most of next week, but I'll be back soon enough with more thrills of a musical nature what have been burned into discs of polycarbonate plastic.

Until then, raid the archives!

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Yaronimus Maximus said...

first i want to tell you that i really love your blog - thanks so much for the sharing.

i can honestly say how painfull was the murder of my beloved holy warbles. it wasn't a great sorrow, but there was that feeling of something great gone forever. i felt that it was if i was the venerable owl qaeda and it was my sweat, tears, and love that were invested in that great blog. it was that feeling of - "they took something from me".
in addition to sharing and music, owl qaeda was a very interesting artist - i really loved the images of his mixtape and he inspired me.