Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zeina Hamieh | Evening Habibi

Listen to "تركنى من جروحى"

Reupped by reader request, here.

This album is so incredibly kick-ass that it took me a couple of days to decide which song to share with you as an example. I chose this one because, given the simplicity of the music, Zeina's voice really stands out. 

I know nothing about Zeina other than that she's Lebanese and that the other record I have by her, Delila, is equally stunning. I found this one in a phone card and miscellany place on Court Street in Brooklyn about a block north of Rashid's. Both places have since closed.

There are now only two places that I know of where I can get Arabic music in New York, and both are in my neighborhood. Last week, at Alfrha (25-23 Steinway Street), when I asked if they had Rola Saad's new album, the guy behind the counter promised to order it for me and that I could come pick it up this weekend. We'll see how that goes. If well, I'll be asking if he can order some more Zeina.

Can you tell I'm exhausted after a week of work and don't really have it in me to write anything interesting? Seriously, I'm going to post this and crawl into bed. Check in this weekend, when I'm back up and running: I've got a special surprise in the works for you ...


Holly said...

Gary, you know I love the other record, very much looking forward to this. Thank you!

Felix said...

Hi Gary,

I loved so much the Dalila record you posted a while ago, but the link for 'Evening Habibi' is dead! Could you re-up this one? That would be great.
Thanks a whole lot,
(Felix, from France)

Gary said...

Hi Felix,

I just reposted - enjoy!

Felix said...

Hey Gary,

that's so kind of you, thank you so much! I am pretty sure this album will perfectly fit my day!

Thanks again

Felix said...

Hi Gary,
thank you so much! I am pretty sure this album will perfectly fit my day!

Thanks again!