Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zeina | Delila

Reupped in 320 kick-ass kbps here.

Found several years ago at Princess Music in Bay Ridge. I miss Princess Music. I believe they finally closed their doors in 2009.

Without being hyperbolic, I can honestly say that Zeina, to my mind, is the single most awesome pop singer to come out of Lebanon since Najwa Karam. Forty seconds into the first track of this album, see if you agree. It's an opinion based on nothing more than the strength, and frankly the aggressiveness, of her voice. Where most other Lebanese pop stars exhibit a light sweetness, Zeina is gritty and tough. 

Here's rare live footage of her (warning! terrible sound):


Holly said...

Lovely! And fun ;-)

Fattoxxon said...

Oh wow! This remnds me of discovering Rai in the 80s - complete with drum machines & synths! That was fun then & this is a guilty pleasure now!! I especially loved 2,4,6 for the reasons above; but the duet in the middle of the album is also a blisteringly brilliant song. Thank you!!!!