Monday, June 24, 2013

Sravanti Mazumdar | Aay Khuku Aay

Get it here.

Found on 73rd Street in Jackson Heights a couple of months ago -- an admittedly completely random "Let's see what this is all about" purchase. Mazumdar is Bengali, and I believe she is originally from Calcutta and now living on the Isle of Man. I don't know anything more about her, or this music, which seems a lot like film music (in the Indian sense of film music), though it's just as possible that it's pure pop.

But what pop! Listen to the awesome sample above, composed by V. Balsara, who reputedly began his music career at age four and gave his first solo performance (for a packed house) at age six, and save me from feeling the need to emphasize that this is an absolute must-have item for any and all Bodega regulars. (FWIW, the last song on this record, as best as I can tell, is a Bangla version of "Seasons in the Sun." Just sayin'.)

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Holly said...

This, this is great! Just got around to listening last night. Thank you, Gary.