Saturday, August 3, 2013

Juarez Villamar Sisters | una tumba para los dos

Reupped in 320 Xtremely Fabulous KBPS, because it's just that awesome, here.

[Originally posted May 5, 2011.] I found this incredible gem in a bodega in east Jackson Heights, in what I believe was an Ecuadoran bodega, although it's been a few years, so perhaps it was Columbian or Mexican. I have found nothing other than a few YouTube videos featuring the Juarez Villamar sisters, so if you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated.

I don't really know Spanish, but the title seems to be "A Tomb for the Two." Gack. Is it really that morbid? I'll say this much, it's intensely beautiful, one of my favorite CDs of all time, not to mention that it sports one of the grooviest covers to boot. Here's a video of the sisters to enjoy while you download:


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I hope anyone who knows can post the track names.

By the way, there seems to be a movie called Tumba Para Dos:

Gary said...

Track names included this time, FYI.

larry said...


So it seems to be one of those deals of naming the record after one of the best known songs...pretty common even if you think of US albums.

A rough translation- don´t hold me to it:

I can´t support it any longer;
the torment of living without your affection.
To think that you don´t love me makes me sad,
and obliges me to look for a new path.

Certainly I will die for you,
and the two of us will be there in the grave,
in the tomb of peace that waits for us.

At least that gives you an idea of the words.

Again, music played over a bottle of beer. I used to hear it live at fiestas, but now everything is mp3 DJs,

I live on the main street that goes to the cemetery so I hear this type of music every week as the procession passes. Sometimes its a singer with a mike and someone on accordion.

Cant say anything about the sisters. Again any info and Ill let you know.

Gary said...

Thanks, Larry