Monday, August 12, 2013

Maruja Serrano | Valsecitos Criollos

Grab it here.

Yet more awesomeness from Ecuador. This woman does this this thing with her voice that I've personally not heard outside of recordings from Cambodia -- that super-leap that I'm sure has a technical name of some kind associated with it, but which I only know as "that super leap." Do you know what I mean? No? Would you, like ... mind working with me here? Super leap. C'mon.

This woman is going to kick your ass. La musica esta no horrifically somber as everything else I've been picking up from Ecuador -- in fact, by comparison, it's downright life-affirming (altho I'm convinced it's probably addressing the same depressing life/love problems) -- but Holy Crap, what her voice does. Okay, it's like yodeling? But groovy. And look at her. Is that a face that says "Oh ignore me I'm not very talented"? No; no, it's not. We both know that. Look at her. Just ... look at her! And listen to this:


larry said...

This one I have on vinyl. Thanks for bringing me into the digital age.

If you want happy music you need cumbias. I suggest ´Los Jokers¨. Since your blog seems dedicated to what you find on your scavenger hunts, I can offer, but don´t suspect you´d be interested in the file in my hard drive.

Nico Zevallos said...

Is there a chance this could be reuploaded? My Dad's Ecuadorian and we were looking for a particular song from her.