Friday, April 12, 2013

Fairuz | Eh Fi Amal

Listen to "Al Ayel"

Listen to "El Bent El Shalabiah"

Pick it up here.

Released in 2012, Eh Fi Amal (Yes There Is Hope) marked the legendary Christian Lebanese diva's return to the studio after years of live albums. It was--according to Wikipedia (so, grain of salt)--her 99th album, recorded when she was 74 years old (she's now 77) and was a huge hit all over the middle east.

I picked up the album just a couple of weeks ago at the Nile Deli while biking down Steinway with my poet friend Brandon Downing to see Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers. Fairuz was the clear winner that day.

This is a bizarre album, not quite like anything I've heard before: part Arabic art pop, part cheesy lite pop, but one hundred and ten percent Fairuz. I've got a number of her other albums I'll be posting over the weekend--it's unconscionable that we've ignored her here for so long.


Barron said...

I had no idea Fairus was so old. Never thought about it, I guess. A great voice, and a very lovely woman.

caio k said...

this album is just awesome!!!!11! long live fairuz

isfahani said...

Barely a month and a half later and it's gone :(