Friday, June 15, 2012

Osadebe | Best of Osadebe

Listen to "Osadebe 77"

Get it all here.

This will likely be the last Nigerian album I'll post for a while, although I do still have a couple more I found at Blessing Udeagu. For one thing, my Burmese connection came through last week and I'm gearing up to post the lot of it. (It's fabulous.) For another, since I started posting the African music a week or two ago, the traffic on this blog has gone through the roof. I assume it's because most people wandering around the various interlinked music blogs are looking for African music, but that's just an assumption. Maybe I've just got more visitors. If the stats take a dive, I'll know for sure.

This is an odd collection of Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe--a couple of the tracks have surface noise, having been clearly ripped from LPs. There is not a single hit on the publisher's name anywhere online, so I'm guessing they're out of business, or just internet shy, which seems impossible in this day and age.

In any event, this is a pretty fabulous collection and I hope you enjoy it.


John B. said...

Your assumption is correct that this compilation is pirated. I discuss it in my Osadebe discography here:

Glad you enjoyed Flashback 2.

walkingtrees said...

thanks for everything you share here gary, this blog is a gem.