Monday, April 16, 2012

Po Ei San | Unknown

Listen to the first track on this inexplicably WTF-Fabulous CD

Get it all here.

I don't know how they do it, but the people of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar consistently be releasing the most amazing WTF pop music this bodega diver has ever poured into his aural canals. Chill, Bill & Jill Visitor, if you will, to the ill-yet-totally-legit sample above. Does it, tho its methods be swill, still not kill? 

How? How did they make it so?

Let's be honest here. The woman on the cover of this CD has purple sock puppets in her hair. Matching purple sock puppets. Beneath the "OK" finger sign near the cover's top, it says: DOLLAR MUSIC BAND. Assuming a person has not yet run away in fear, assuming a person is, in fact, the type of person who, when confronted by a woman with matching purple sock puppets in her hair and the words DOLLAR MUSIC BAND floating o'er the head of sock puppet-left, thinks: "Yes, perhaps I try" ... what can happen then? Anything? A thing worth sharing with others? On one's dorky music blog?

She was a Flower of the 24th most populous country in the world yes when she put the matching purple sock puppets in her hair like the Pyu and the Mon and I thought well as well the DOLLAR MUSIC BAND as another and then I asked her with my eyes to ask again yes and then she asked me would I yes to say yes and first I put her CD in my computer and yes and pressed play so I could hear her voice rise above the Indopop Casio Post-Lollywood Faux Tibetan Meditation Moment and drew her voice down to me ears so they could feel her song all Myanmar yes and her Burmese heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.

As, I'm pretty sure, will you.

(Thanks to Peter Doolan for translating this singer's name.)


tim abdellah said...


peter said...

awesome! this is poe ei san

gypsykat said...

Yes, yes, yes? Love your copy on this. Have you been reading James Joyce? Or listening to Ralph Spoilsport's rap at the end of "How Can You Be Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All?" (Firesign Theater)

Gary said...

Thanks gypsykat. Both Joyce and Firesign Theater are huge influences.

gypsykat said...

That must be why I like your blog so much. ;^)

gypsykat said...

Ok, Gary.

now yes I've actually yes listened to Po Ei San, and all I can say is yes my Burmese flower yes yes yes...

Anonymous said...

This is great. Do you by any chance have a scan of the album track list? I might have a forum or two I can ask for translations or transliterations at least.

peter said...

i managed to find a scan of the back cover online.. here is my attempt at the tracklist:

1. hnaloun tha thi' sa chan si tha
2. myou ji thu hnin chun do tou ywa
3. yin hte ga nwei pin le
4. man la hma wei te hnin
5. chi' khun pwe thi myain dhan hsi
6. chun do ne ma ma man tei thi
7. hnaloun tha shi thu tain khan za ta pa zei
8. dhadou thami ayan
9. arindamar ei' me'
10. wei ya pyi achi' yei

if you want to try it out for yourself, the image is here

Gary said...

I'll reup this one in the coming days.