Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hysni Alushi & Enkelejda Arifi | Cameri nuse me halle

Listen to the title song

Listen to "Ti pse xhelozon"

Get it all here.

This is one of the oddest, most pop-leaning albums of Albanian turbo folk I've ever heard, one that's been on my to-post list, if for no other reason than to provide you, dear reader, with a somewhat broader sense of what non-Western-saturated Albanian pop can sound like.  

I found this quiet gem (are there loud gems? loquacious gems?) a couple of months ago at the Euro Market in my neighborhood (30-42 31st Street, Astoria, NY), a legendary medium-sized market mostly famous for its rather impressive "wall of beer." (Being male, I'm decidedly fond of that particular beverage.)

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Holly said...

Gaudy gems. Good excuse to say "gaudy"
And as a female, I prefer scotch, neat :-)