Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fréhel | La Java Bleue


Reupped by special request here.

[Originally posted July 14, 2011.] Happy Bastille Day, everyone. This rather fabulous CD was almost certainly found in a cheesy post-card shop in Paris in the early 2000s.

Fréhel had early success in Paris at the turn of the last century, but left France for the east, winding up in Russia, where she stayed for a decade. When she returned in the 1920s she revived her career, becoming a minor movie star in addition to a singer in the 1930s. She died alone in 1951 after having left the limelight a decade or so previously.

Here she is in a scene from "Pepe le Moko," singing along with a record:


Barron said...

This will certainly be welcome in my collection. Musette, gypsy swing, and related styles are essential ingredients in my musical diet. Thanks!

boebis said...

ah ah, interesting to read this (I'm french).

i recommend you the comps I made of French music, made from a French perspective (with rock, rap and not just chanson):


Sergen Setup said...

Just downloaded, thanks again Gary !

Gary said...

You're welcome!