Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ghazal Al-Harizi | Al Khouidem FLAC


As promised in an earlier post, here's the second volume of two that we found on the shelves of Nassem Halal Meat and Mediterranean Grocery on Steinway Street several years ago.

Thanks again to Tim of Moroccan Tape Stash for the transliterations. Here's Tim's track list (note that, sonically, each side is a single, unbroken track, and I have thus not edited them into sections):

Al Khouidem - الجويدم
Maghnia - مغنية
Moula Baghdad - مولا بغداد
Touichia - تويشية
Hjerti ou T'haouel - هجرتي وتحول
Zaêri - زعري

Ben Âchir - ن\بن عشير
Malika al Gharbaouia - مليكة الغرباوية
Âlam al Khayl - علام الخيل
Raqsa âla L-Qa3da - رقصة على القعدة
Âwelti ou Mchiti Qata3 L-Bhour - عولتي ومشيتي قاتع البحور
Al-Ghaba - الغابة

Fair warning, Side A begins with a phase shift sound that works itself out after a minute or two. I tried re-ripping it, but the sound is clearly part of the original.

Get it here.

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Dolmance said...

Do they make sandwiches at Nassem Halal Meat and Mediterranean Grocery store?

I'm asking for a friend.