Saturday, October 17, 2020

Alhaji Chief Dauda Epo-Akara | Omo Yoruba FLAC


A recent find, this Nigerian Yoruba artist hailed from Ibadan, a city of 6 million people, about 80 miles north of Lagos.

According to this website, Dauda Epo-Akara (1943-2005) recorded over 80 albums; Discogs lists half a dozen. Based on the overall look of the cassette, I'm guessing "Omo Yoruba" is from the 1990s, possibly late 1980s.

Although the J-card and each side of the cassette list individual tracks, there is no break between them on either side; thus, our rips of Sides A and B consist of a single FLAC file each.

The music is terrific, rhythm-driven. Opening Side B, there's about a minute of harmonica added to the mix; otherwise, the talking drum and a variety of other percussion is all that accompanies the vocals.

Sound is terrific for all of Side A; a bit mottled on Side B, but decidedly listenable all around.

Get it here.

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Dennis said...

Thanks BP for this and all the lovely music you have painstakingly presented here over the years. I recognise the enormous amount of effort that has gone into this blog, and it does great credit to the passion that you must have for all these difficult-to-obtain music pieces.

OK, that's got your boots clean (;, now for the request:

...if there is any way in your busy life that you could possibly find the time...I would love a re-up of any of your old link-defunct laos and cambodian tagged files from the early days. There is some stuff here that I have not seen elsewhere. I and my Thai/Khmer speaking wife love to listen to this kind of stuff on rainy afternoons, of which England has more than its fair share .... would be eternally gratefull sir.

thanks again