Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mayumi Kojima | Love of a 20-Year-Old (1996)

Listen to the first track of this blistering early Mayumi Kojima album

Get it all here.

Long-time visitors of the bodega not only know the special place this singer holds in our heart--they also know why. (Newer visitors need simply listen to the sample above.)

I'm so wiped out that I can't possibly write up a properly thrill-packed intro for this one ... but, just having found it, I couldn't wait to pass it along to you.


Anonymous said...

very nice! thanks

does the 1st track really end that abruptly?


Gary said...

You're welcome! And, yes, I have that same track on another physical CD and ends the same way (abruptly, no warning) there, too.

Unknown said...

Please can you post this whole album again? I heard the 1st track sample, and i fell in love with it :'(